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I am currently pursuing opportunities to relocate to the Nashville area and contribute measurable value in a challenging and interesting business setting. My personal goal is to combine my unique creative skills + technology experience within a team context to solve challenging problems or achieve new business goals.


I am a visual artist, entrepreneur and leader that has steadily aligned my core creative interests and talents with digital technology as it has transformed the marketplace and world we live in.

I welcome new challenges and opportunities that leverage my unique combination of creative skills + technology experience in a measurable, value-added manner.

I’ve been fortunate to participate in a wide range of experiences including the nuclear power industry, designing and building energy efficient housing, performing with and building musical instruments, educating and informing audiences through visual communications and transforming businesses through applied digital strategies.

In this process I have benefited from working with talented, gifted, intelligent and wise associates from: nuclear physicists, architects and engineers to artists, musicians, web strategists, technologists and business leaders.

The educational process for me is best achieved by doing: developing my mind and skills through work experiences, and hands-on, self-directed projects.

I enjoy reading fiction books and research non-fiction topics that interest me on-line.

I’ve had training in music, photography, watercolor painting and perspective drawing (see portfolio on and attended many other kinds of workshops.


1980 – Present


Founder / Owner

  • 1980-1984 – Freelance Illustration & Design
  • 1984 – Formed Birkey Associates, Inc. – Continued in Digital Illustration & Design
  • 1996 – Launched – Web consulting, design and development.
2007 – 2016


Managing Director

  • Managed the digital team within a Chicago IT consulting firm called STA GROUP
  • Business transformation through digital strategy and execution
1999 - 2007

BIRKEY.COM, Div. of MIS, Inc.

Managing Partner

  • In 1999 I merged my one-man operation with a software development company called Midwest Information Systems, Inc.
  • I managed the Web Strategy, E-commerce, Design & Development division for 9 years, then sold back my partnership.
  • The firm was subsequently sold and is no longer in the same line of business.


I have an honest and open leadership style focused on serving clients.

I am most comfortable and productive in a team setting where I work to earn respect and trust.

I am creative, organized, innovative, entrepreneurial, self-motivated and a problem-solver.

I have strong verbal and written communication skills which I use to develop new business, or present, teach and train others.

Personality Type: Combination of INTJ “Architect” and/or ISFJ “Defender”


I produce professional quality and compelling communications including written proposals and visual presentations. My main tool set:

  • Photoshop & Illustrator – Expert web/print user since 1987 Dreamweaver – Expert user since 1997
  • Acrobat & InDesign – Intermediate/advanced web/print user
  • Corel Painter – Advanced/expert web/print user since 1990
  • Apple & Microsoft Mac Office Suites – Expert
  • Google Apps for Business (G Suite) – Expert
  • Web Content Management Systems – WordPress (expert), Sitecore, Adobe CQ, ExpressionEngine, Drupal
  • Apple MacOS – Expert user since 1987. Certified Apple Technician 1990.
  • I regularly use: Prezi, Evernote, Coda, FileZilla, Balsamiq, OmniGraffle, GoPro Studio and other software utilities and business management tools
  • Even though I am an Apple computer and tablet user, I am also a Google Android phone and tablet user!



My hobbies are a hands-on balance to my computer-based work. I enjoy wrenching on a custom 2008 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle or 1993 Chevy pickup, or riding/driving them on various road trips or to moto-related events. I also work part-time in the service department of a local Triumph dealer. I enjoy painting watercolors on paper with paint brushes!


I own or manage/maintain the following web properties:


I’ve owned, driven, modified, maintained or restored a number of classic, muscle or sport vehicles: 1963 and 1965 VW Bug, 1972 Datsun 240Z, 1955 Ford F-100 Pickup Street Rod, 1969 Chevy Impala, 1987 BMW 535is sport sedan and a 1993 Custom Chevy Indy Pace Truck.


Over the years I’ve been fortunate to have had opportunities to work with these clients and many more:

  • McDonald’s Corporation – Oak Brook, IL
  • Hyatt Corporation – Chicago, IL
  • Disney Consumer Products – Glendale, CA
  • Safelite Autoglass – Columbus, OH
  • Amsted Industries, Inc. – Chicago, IL
  • Sante Fe Pacific Gold – Chicago, IL
  • Chicago Board of Trade – Chicago, IL
  • Rand McNally – Evanston, IL
  • The Petersen Automotive Museum – Los Angeles, CA
  • State Farm Insurance – Bloomington, IL
  • Ryerson Corporation – Chicago, IL
  • Perdue Farms, Inc. – Salisbury, MD
  • Law Bulletin Publishing Company – Chicago, IL
  • Dillon Kane Group – Chicago, IL
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Association – Chicago, IL
  • Catholic Order of Foresters – Lisle, IL
  • Wheaton College – Wheaton, IL
  • Venture Miles – Burnsville, MN

+1 312 285 9008