Gold Mining in Africa


Newmont Gold
Denver, Colorado


Newmont Gold required updated images to the “How Gold is Produced” series that Randal Birkey had previously completed through the design firm: Design+Image. The new images were to reflect how gold is produced in the African country of Ghana.


Randal Birkey created new illustrations of various steps in the gold mining process to either replace or add to the process as it is done in Ghana, Africa. These images were then inserted into a large poster that illustrates the entire process.
These new steps (examples on right) included:

  • Exploration
  • Drilling
  • Blasting
  • Reclamation

Two African symbols were also illustrated for use in the updated printed piece.

  • MATE MASIE – “What I hear – I keep” a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, and prudence
  • NKONSONKONSON – “Chain Link” – a symbol of unity and human relations